Classical Genetics & Cell Division

January - February

FLY DAY:  PP 1; Notes 1; Student Activity Guide (full),  FINAL CLASS PHENOTYPE DATA 2017

Chromosomes, The Cell Cycle, & Mitosis, 1.23-1.30:  Combined PP, Combined notes outline

Mitosis Investigation,  1.31:  mitosis lab PP, mitosis lab guide

Quiz, 2.1

Meiosis Reading / Tomasino Out, 2.2

Meiosis, 2.3:  Meiosis PP, student version with blanks

Karyotypes & Polyploidy 2.6:  Karyotype PP, Karyotype notes, Karyotype activity

Introduction to Mendelian Genetics 2.7:  Mendel PP, student version, alelle practice

Punnett Squares and Autosomal Dominance 2.8:  Punnett PP, Student version, practice WS

Other Patterns of Inheritance 2.9-2.10:  Other patterns PP, notes and practice, classical genetics problem set

Quiz, 2.14

Dihybrid Crosses 2.15-16:  Dihybrid crosses and Mendel's Laws PP, Notes & Practice, Advanced Crosses

Pedigrees  2.21-22:  Pedigree PP, Notes & Analysis, in-class handout (unavailable)

Pleiotropy, Polygenic Traits, and other patterns of heredity 2.23:  non-Mendelian PP, notes outline

Review 2.24:  Review Guide here