Unit 2:  Biochemistry

September-November 2016

Atoms, Elements, Molecules, and Compounds 9.23.2016:  Biochemistry intro video link, Atoms PP, Notes Outline, Periodic Table, They're Made Out of Meat.

Atomic Structure 9.26-27.2016:  Nuclear and Electronic Structure PP, atomic structure WS, electronic configuration WS

Chemical Bonds 9.28.2016:  Chemical Bonds PP, Guided Notes, Bonding WS

Water and Hydrogen Bonds 9.29.2016:  Water PP

Properties of Water Lab 10.3.2016:  Water Lab Handout

Solutions 10.4.2016:  Solutions PP, notes outline

pH 10.5.2016:  pH PP, notes outline

Carbon Compounds 10.6.2016:  Carbon PP, notes outline

Quiz:  Chemistry 10.7.2016

pH Lab  10.10.2016:  pH Lab Handout

Digestive System 10.10.2016 (p1) 10.12.2016 (p3):  Digestive PP, PP Notes Outline, Reading, Reading notes outline

Functional Groups 10.11.2016:  Functional Groups PP, Model Building Worksheet

Carbohydrates 10.12.2016:  Carbohydrates PPstudent PP with blanks

Proteins 10.13.2016:  Proteins PP, notes outline, macromolecules chart

Tomasino absent 10.14.2016

Pectinase Lab 10.17.2016:  Pectinase Lab

Energy & Enzymes 10.18.2016: Energy & Enzymes PP; Energy & Enzymes notes outline; Why do Enzymes have Optimal Temperatures & pHs (supplemental)

Lipids 10.24.2016:  Lipids PP, notes outline

Nucleic Acids 10.25.2016:  Nucleic Acids PP, Student version with blanks, sugar love (for Thursday seminar)

Quiz Macromolecules10.26.2016

Sugar Love Discussion Seminar 10.27.2016

Concept Mapping 10.28.2016 & 10.31.2016:  Concept mapping terms

Unit Review 11.1.2016:  Review Guide Biochemistry;  Quizlet site for Molecules of Biology

Unit Test 11.2.2016