Unit 1:  Science Process

September 2017

Opening Day 9.5:  Course Expectations, Class Rules, Notebook Guide

Scientific Philosophy 9.6:  Identify testable hypotheses and objective measurement as defining characteristicsof science

Hypotheses & Variables 9.7:  Designing Good Experiments PP, Milgram experiment recreation video, notes outline, Simpson's Science Homework

SI, Measurement, and Math 9.8, 9.11:  SI and Math PP, Metric Conversion Guide, SI & Measurement notes

Powers of 10 9.12.2016:  Powers of 10 handout, Powers of 10 PP, Power of 10 video, Powers of 10 animation

Measurement Lab 9.13:  Measurement Lab handout

Characteristics of Life Lab 9.14:  Characteristics of Life Handout

Quiz 1-1 9.15.2016:  Quiz topics include scientific notation, experimental design, metric prefixes, and measurement.  

Characteristics of Life Text 9.18:  Cornell Notes PP, Cornell Notes template

Termite Investigation 9.19-9.21:  Termite Introduction PP, Termite Lab Handout, Animal Behavior Reading

Animal Behavior (& Discussion Circle Expectations) 9.22, 9.25:  Animal Behavior PP, Termite Seminar PP, Termite Seminar Rubric

Termite Seminar 9.26

Bias in Experiments 9.27:  Bias PP, Bias Practice

Microscope Exploration 9.28-29:  Microscope Lab Handout, Microscope intro PP.

Unit 1 Review 10.2:  Unit Outline, Practice Problems

Unit 1 Test:  10.3