Unit 6:  Molecular Genetics



Intro DNA, 2.28.17:  Intro DNA PP, notes

History of DNA science & DNA Replication, 3.1-2.17:  DNA experiments PP, DNA experiments and Replication notes

Transcription, 3.6.17:  Transcription PP, Transcription notes

Translation, 3.7.17:  Translation PP, student version with blanks, transcription and translation practice

TnT Practice, 3.8.17:  TnT Practice PP, ORF EC

Mutation, 3.9.17:  mutation PP, student version, practice WS

Gene Control, 3.10.17:  lac operon PP, diagram (careful:  note error discussed in class!), operon practice

PCR, 3.13.17:  PCR PP, PCR guide and questions

Restriction Enzymes, 3.15.17:  RE PP, student version, Practice, EC Puzzle

DNA Fingerprinting, 3.16.17: coming soon...

GMO Food Biotechnology Writing Assignment, 3.20-21:  Introductory PP, Writing Task and Notes Organizer, Pre-Writing Outline, Essay Rubric (LDC) Resources:  Farmers Cope with RoundUp-Resistant Weeds (NYT article)Occupy Our Food Supply (op-ed, Vandanya Shiva)Harvest of Fear (PBS Frontline video), Genuity, RoundUp-Ready-2-Yield Soybean (commercial, Monsanto corp.)

Viruses & Reverse Transcription, 3.23:  Powerpoint too large for upload.  Notes

CRISPR:  CRISPR In A Nutshell, Student Guide;  AddGene.org Crispr guide, Genomic DNA sequence including target, gRNA sequence, CAS9 labels