Unit 3:  Cell Biology


Introduction to Cells 11.3.2016:  Cell Theory PP, notes outline

The Cell Membrane 11.4.2016:  Cell Membrane PP, notes outline

Passive Transport:  11.9.2016 & 11.10.2016:  Passive transport PP, notes outline, graphical organizer

Passive Transport Lab:  11.11.2016:  Lab Handout

Active Transport:  11.14.2016:  Active Transport PP, Active Transport Graphical Organizer

Transport & Cell Theory Quiz:  11.15.2016

Nervous System:  11.16.2016:  Nervous System PP, Student PP with blanks, Nervous System Reading from SparkNotes, Reading notes outline

Nucleus:  11.17.2016:  Nucleus PP, notes outline

Protein Production Organelles:  11.18.2016:  Endomembrane system PP, Endomembrane notes, Golgi & Lysosome Notes, Organelle Chart

Chloroplasts & Mitochondria:  11.21.2016:  Chloroplasts and Mitochondria PP, notes outline, youtube "Cell Biology" video

Mitochondrial "Eve":  11.22.2016:  Mitochondrial eve PP, Short YouTube explainer, YouTube Documentary

Cytoskeleton & Movement:  11.28.2016:  Cytoskeleton & Movement PP, student version with blanks

Stem Cells & Differentiation:  11.29.2016:  Stem Cells PP, Supplemental reading, notes outline

Types of cells (2017)Types of cells PP, notes outline

Microscope Fun:  12.1.2016:  Plant, Animal, and Protist Microscope Fun.

Multicellular Organization & Evolution:  12.2.2016:  Multicellular Organization, link to  "Nicole King (UC Berkeley, HHMI) 1: The origin of animal multicellularity"

Virus Evolution:  12.5.2016:  Documentary

Unit Review, Cells:  12.6.2016:  Unit 3 Review Outline, and don't forget about Quizlet :)

Unit Test:  12.7.2016