STEM Fundamentals:  8th Grade

Coding with Python 3



Course Review Guide:  Part 1, Part 2, PowerPoint.

Part 1 answer key, Part 2 answer key

Finished with Mission 7?  Try installing Minecraft JE on a chromebook.  Scroll way down, start the instructions at:

Step 6: Now we’ll boot up our fresh installation of Linux on Chromebook."

MISSION 8.7:  (POSTED 1/29/19)  Writing your story game program.  You need:

MISSION 8.6:  (UPDATED 1/17/2019) Using Function Calls to make your Programming Portfolio.

MISSION 8.5:  Defining Functions.;

MISSION 8.4:  Simple Calculator (if, elif, and else)

MISSION 8.3:  Inputs & Variables

MISSION 8.2:  First Program  

MISSION 8.1:  Cloud Storage & File Sharing

Course Description