May 2017

Evolutionary Philosopasta, 5.8:  What makes science science PP, notes

Natural History of Earth, 5.9:  PP, Notes Outline

Abiogenesis, 5.10:  PP, Notes

Evolution by Natural Selection 5.12:  PP, notes

Modes of Selection, 5.15:  PP, notes are included in 5.12 above, video link

Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium, 5.16-17:  Part 1 PP, Part 2 PP, Part 1 notes, Practice Problems 1, Problem Set, Video link

Making Cladograms, 5.18:  Cladograms PP, Cladogram Activity 

Genome Wars, 5.22-23:  Rules, Scorecard, Report

Speciation, 5.24:  notes, link to evolution.berkeley.edu

Review, 5.25:  Review questions