Unit 7:  Ecology


Intro Ecology and Levels of Organization, 3.30:  Intro Ecology PP, notes outline

The Lorax, 3.29(bio3), 3.31 (bio1):  The Lorax (original, 1972)

Food Chains & Webs, 3.31:  Food Webs PP, Food Web Activity, Food Webs notes

Energy & Biomass Pyramids, 4.3:  Habitat, niche, and ecological pyramids PP, notes outline

Interspecific Interactions, 4.4:  Population Interactions PP, notes outline

Populations & Growth, 4.5-6:  Populations and growth PP, notes outline and practice

Biodiversity Investigation, 4.5 (Bio1), 4.7 (Bio3):  Campus Biodiversity Investigation Worksheet

Before the Flood, through 4.19.

Campus Earth Day Tree Planting 4.19 with Blue Water Baltimore

Biogeochemical Cycles, 4.20, 4.24:  Biogeochemical Cycles PP, Carbon notes, water and Nitrogen notes

Biodiversity and Succession, 4.25-26:  Biodiversity & Succession PP

Biomes, 4.27:  Biomes PP, Biomes Notes

Review, 5/2  Ecology Review Guide