Unit 4:  Energy


Energy & Thermodynamics:  12.7.2016 (p3) - 12.8.2016 (p1):  Bioenergetics Intro PP, link to "Entropy" by MC Hawking

Intro Cell Respiration:  12.8.2016:  Cell Respiration PP, notes outline

Glycolysis & Fermentation:  12.9.2016:  Glycolysis PP, Glycolysis notes outline, fermentation PP, fermentation notes outline

Krebs Cycle:  12.9.2016-12.10.2016:  Krebs PP, Krebs notes outline

Electron Transport Chain & Chemiosmosis:  12.12.2016:  Electron transport chain PP, notes outline

Cellular Respiration Review and Wrap-Up:  12.13.2016:  Respiration Flow Chart, Crash Course #7 video link

Photosynthesis:  12.15.2016 - 12.16.2016:  Photosynthesis PP, notes outline, EXCELLENT photosynthesis video link

C4 and CAM:  12.19.2016:  C4 and CAM PP, notes outline

UNIT 4 REVIEW:  12.20.2016:  Unit 4 Review Guide, Nijato's Cell Respiration Quizlet, Nijato's Plants Quizlet (note:  the plants quizlet includes some terms related to plant structures that WILL NOT be assessed on Wednesday's test.  Use the star feature to select appropriate terms to work with)