Unit 1:  Science Process

August-September 2016

Opening Day 8.29.2016: Course Expectations, Class Rules, Notebook Guide

Characteristics of Life Lab 8.30.2016:  Characteristics of Life Lab Handout

Baseline Diagnostic Assessment 8.31 - 9.2 2016:  Baseline Assessment

Hypotheses & Variables 9.6:  Hypotheses & Variables notes, Hypotheses & Variables PP, link to Milgram experiment video, Simpson's Science Homework

Powers of 10 9.7.2016:  Powers of 10 handoutPowers of 10 PPPower of 10 videoPowers of 10 animation

Characteristics of Life Text 9.8.2016 (half-day, heat):  Cornell Notes PP, Cornell Notes template

Ratio, Proportion, and Scientific Notation 9.9.2016 (half-day, heat):  BioMath PP, BioMath Notes & Problems, additional practice problems.  Note:  Because of the early release, this lesson will be completed Monday, 9.12.

Graphing Techniques 9.13-9.14:  Graphing PP, Graphing pt. 2 PPGraphing practice problem set

Termite Exploration 9.15-9.20:  Termite Introduction PP, Termite Experiment Handout

Bias in Experiments 9.21:  Bias PP, Bias practice

Termite Seminar 9.22:  Seminar PP, Seminar Rubric

Lab Equipment & Safety 9.23:  Equipment PP, Equipment WS, Safety Stories

Unit 1 Review 9.26 Review Guide

Unit 1 Test 9.27