STEM Fundamentals:  7th Grade

Data Analysis



Mission 8:  Make a new tab in the data jam data spreadsheet.  Use the spreadsheet skills you've mastered such as pivot tables and/or charts and graphs to visualize your data set the best way you think it can be.  Does it show the trends or patterns it should?  Is there any analysis of the data that can make your findings really pop off of the screen?

Mission 7:  Read through the webpage DATA JAM FOR STUDENTS.  Don't worry about registration, we'll deal with that soon.  However, you should navigate to the "Middle School Report Worksheet 2019" and save a copy to your team's folder.  Look over the worksheet, and complete anything you can at this early stage.

Mission 6:  SELECT A DATA SET TO ANALYZE.  Go to the Baltimore Ecosystem Study website's DATA JAM page, and read it.  Then, go to their DATA SETS page and find one you'd like to work with!  Other data sets may be appropriate too, just check with me.  Please, please, ask me about the data sets you might be interested in.  Save copies of the relevant data files to your team's Google Drive folder.

Mission 5:  Create graphs that represent the data in the "Browser Data" and "Software Skill" pivot tables in mission 4.  (Bonus:  make a pie chart for internet access table)

MISSION 4:  Pivot Tables

MISSION 3:  Pizza Calculator

MISSION 2:  Data Entry

MISSION 1:  Cloud Storage & File Sharing

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Excel Basics:

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Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) Data:

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