Spetember-November 2016

Introduction to Biochemistry 9.28.2016:  Intro video link, periodic table, They're Made Out of Meat

Atoms, Elements, Molecules, & Compounds 9.29.2016:  Atoms PP, Notes Outline

Atomic Bonds 9.30.2016:  Atomic Bonds PP, student version with blanks

Water 10.3.2016:  Water and Types of bonds PP; water and types of bonds notes outline

Water Lab 10.4.2016:  Water Lab Handout

Solutions 10.5.2016:  Solutions PP, solutions notes and practice

pH 10.6.2016:  pH PP, notes outline

pH Lab 10.7.2016:  pH Lab Handout

Chemistry Concept Mapping 10.10-11.2016:  Concept map instructions

Quiz 10.12.2016

Proteins 10.13.2016:  Proteins PP, notes outline

Tomasino@MSDE 10.14.2016:  sub work section 3-3, notes & SR.

Carbohydrates 10.17.2016:  Carbohydrates PP, student version w/ blanks, MACROMOLECULES CHART

SLO Genetics Baseline 10.18.2016

Lipids 10.24.2016:  Lipids PP, notes outline

Enzyme Lab Part I 10.25.2016:  Enzyme Lab Part I

Energy and Enzymes 10.26.2016:  Energy and Enzymes PP, notes outline, Amoeba Sister Enzyme video, Additional Enzyme Video

Enzyme Lab Part II 10.27.2016:  Enzyme Lab Part 2 PP, Enzyme Lab Part 2 & 3 handout

Enzyme Lab Part III 10.28.2016

Nucleic Acids 10.31.2016:  Nucleic Acids PP, Student version with blanks

Quiz, Macromolecules and Vitamins & Minerals 11.1.2016:  based on MACROMOLECULES CHART, vitamins and minerals PP, student version with blanks

Unit 2 Review 11.2.2016:  Unit 2 Review Guide, list of tested learning objectives