Unit 5:  Genetics

January-March 2017

Chromosome Structure, 1.23.2017:  Chromosome Structure PP, notes outline

Chromosome Numbers and Types, 1.24.2017:  Chromosome Numbers and Types PP, notes outline & practice

Identifying Genetic Disorders with Karyotypes, 1.25.2017:  Karyotype PP, Karyotype Activity

Types of Cell Division, 1.26.2017:  Types of Cell Division PP, notes outline and practice

Cell Cycle (POGIL), 1.30-2.1:  Cell Cycle (POGIL)

Tomasino out 2/2

Quiz 2/3

Mitosis (POGIL), 2.6-2.7

Processes and Evolution of Sexual Reproduction:  2.8 Meiosis and Fertilization PPEvolution of Sex documentary

Fundamental Genetics, 2.9:  Intro Genetics PP, student version, allele practice, simple crosses practice

Punnett Squares, 2.10:  Punnett Squares PP, student version with blanks, George the Alien practice, more practice

Punnett Practice, 2/13:  Monohybrid complete dominance practice problems

QUIZ, 2/14

Beyond Complete Dominance,  2.21:  Other patterns PP; notes and practice

Stick Figure Genetics, 2.22:  Stick Figure Meiosis & Fertilization

Sex-Linked Genes, 2.23:  Sex Linkage PP, Student version, amoeba sisters video, amoeba sisters worksheet (HW)

Quiz, 2/24

Pedigrees, 2.27-2.28:  Pedigree Analysis PP, notes and practice

Review, 3.1  REVIEW GUIDE

Major Quiz, 3.2

--------------------------------------------  Molecular Genetics (DNA) below -----------------------------------------------------------

Intro to DNA, 3.6:  DNA is a Code PP, notes

DNA Replication, 3.7:  Replication PP, notes, exit ticket

Transcription, 3.8:  Transcription PP, notes & activity guide

Translation, 3.9:  Translation PP, student version with blanks, translation activity 1, translation activity 2

Transcription & Translation Practice & Review, 3.10:  amoeba sisters video Protein Synthesis (link to video guide at YouTube), 10-3 review guide, Transcription and Translation practice WS

Quiz 3.13

Mutations, 3.15:  Mutations PP, notes outline, inquiry WS